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Рекомендательное письмо от компании Danfoss

The marketing agency "Market Capital Solutions" has performed a market research project aimed at the evaluation of the Russian district heating equipment market for "Danfoss" was interested in the estimation of the market size and development trends of the Russian district heating market and the main differences within the separate market segments.

Despite a tough timeline, "Market Capital Solutions" was able to conduct a full scale survey project that provided precious information for strategy development. While realizing the project, "Market Capital Solutions" agency has demonstrated a high degree of responsiveness and attention to customer needs.

We consider "Market Capital Solutions" a qualified research agency capable of performing articulated market survey projects with quality and within a short timeline. Lastly, collaborating with the staff of "Market Capital Solutions" has been personally pleasant and engaging.

Nicola Stefanini
Manager, Strategy & Business Development
Danfoss Heating Division