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Market Capital Solutions — MARCS — is one of the leading research companies in Russia. We provide a full range of services for market research, consumer behavior and competitive analysis. The agency’s HQ is located in Moscow, the partner network covers all regions of the Russian Federation.

The company has been working since the year 2000. During this time we have implemented over a thousand projects in the Russian Federation and in the world. Our professionalism and experience allow us to provide our clients with up-to-date and reliable information and analytics of impeccable quality.

The data obtained is regarded as a reliable basis for making well-balanced strategic decisions and adjusting product, marketing, and advertising policies. Our unique experience in a wide range of industries is at your service.
Our strength
We are a marketing atelier — we take an individual and flexible approach to any project. Not in words, but in practice we are interested in each client, solve both typical and the most uncommon research tasks, strive together with the customer to find answers to all his questions.
Our interest
Our main concern is a satisfied client. We know perfectly well: such a client is very likely to return. Our well-being in the future depends on how skillfully we solve the customer's challenges today. 80% of the projects in our portfolio are repeat contracts.
Our focus
We have unique expertise in studying the banking sector, markets of industrial equipment and engineering. The B2B share is consistently high among our clients. It is in this sector that obtaining information may cause difficulties for an inexperienced researcher.
Our clients
Our strong reputation in the field of marketing research in Russia is based on the feedback of many satisfied B2B customers. They include major financial institutions, leading retail chains, developers, car manufacturers and car dealers, industrial and engineering companies. Working with leaders helps us to keep abreast of the latest market trends and ensure that the best standards and practices are applied in our business.

Projects and Markets

New and used cars, spare parts, batteries, windshields, sinks, engine oils, fuel cards, filters, car tires
Banking ecosystems, financial products for individuals (debit and credit cards, installment cards, deposits, loans, refinancing, mortgages, payments, brokerage services, foreign exchange transactions, safe deposit boxes, private banking), family and children's products, corporate services (accounts, lending, collection, acquiring, Internet banking, factoring, bank guarantees), services for SMEs, the quality of service, bank call centres, the image of financial institutions, bank advertising and promotion, analysis of the best domestic and foreign practices (benchmarking), strategies for the development of financial institutions, infrastructure (branch network, self-service devices), RBS (mobile applications, Internet banking, bank-client), Islamic banking, fin-tech, cryptocurrency, etc.)
Engineering systems
Water heated floors, gas water heaters and water boilers, wood fireplaces, sanitary equipment, ventilation systems, leak protection systems, power plants
Food supplements, bonus programs of trading networks, ketchup, confectionery products, groats, mayonnaise, mineral water, ice cream, meat products and semi-finished products, vegetables, dumplings, beer, drinking water, fruit and vegetable preserves, vegetable oil, snacks, supermarkets, packing, bread, tea, etc.
Real Estate
Aquaparks, residential complexes, hotels and country resorts, land plots, image of developers, cottage settlements, commercial real estate (office, retail, warehouse), assessment of construction prospects, shopping and entertainment centers, elite real estate, fairs
Interior elements
Antiques and vintage, children's rooms, furniture showrooms, upholstered furniture for home, office furniture, fittings
Advertising and media
B2B advertising, free newsletters, audience media preferences, outdoor multimedia billboards, print publications, radio stations, television companies
Industrial machinery and equipment
Gas turbine equipment, diesel generators, road covering made of composite material, industrial sputtering, industrial pumping equipment, industrial refrigerating and freezing equipment, welding equipment, power equipment, heat-exchange equipment, technological equipment (dies and molds), frequency drives, electric installation equipment, electric welding equipment
Communication and telecom
Quality of services and image of communication operators, Internet providers, tariffs for connection, telecommunication companies
Motor insurance (casco), voluntary health insurance, "boxed" products, insurance agents, insurance companies, customer satisfaction of insurance companies
Building materials
Vibropressing stuff, geotextile, business wood, ceramic brick, mobile road covering made of composite material, oriented chipboard, plastic windows, polymeric materials, sanitary equipment, steel welding wire, thermal insulation materials, cement
Transport and infrastructure
Airlines, airports (popularity, recognition, image) and matching services (in-flight catering, parking, hotels), commercial rail transportation, public transport, road passenger transportation, taxi, toll services
Fitness & Beauty
Cosmetics, balanced nutrition, perfumery, beauty salons, network business, sports and health services, fitness clubs
Distance learning of foreign languages, personnel services, lotteries, medical services, medical equipment, mint terminals, clothing and footwear, optical salons, hydrometeorological service, goods for children, travel agencies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.
Bank monitoring
Service subscribers receive actual informsation on service conditions, product changes, market news. The system is used by the largest Russian banks, which appreciate the completeness, efficiency and flexibility of the platform. Based on our data, the tariff and product policy of the leading financial institutions of the country is built.

It is possible to order monitoring by individual parameters. Free test access is provided for two weeks.
The smartest team ever
Alexey Mokrov
Senior partner, PhD in Economics
Denis Vorontsov
Partner, CEO, PhD in Physics
Natalia Abramova
Director of Banking Research
Natalia Isaenko
Head of Bank Monitoring